The Secret is Out

O43471O7P8P Country Music’s Diamond in the Rough has been found living in Alabama in the form of the The Secret Sisters with a sound so pure and true it takes you back  to the likes of Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn and all the great female country singers who have paved the way for the great female singers of today.  The Secret Sisters are no different in that sense, but when you listen to their timeless voices you can only do a couple of things and they are appreciate there endless sound, so pure and true and their timeless devotion to what they love the most. Considering the very short time they have been around and in the public eye it is hard to imagine they have not been singing like this for years and that only recently, very recently ( they will tell you themselves how new to the scene they really are).  they made their first single and now their very first of many albums comes out October 5th. If you are a traditionalist or just a lover of great country music this album is for you.  Even the pop country lovers will appreciate and love this album.

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