Mud Digger Featuring Colt Ford, Matt Stillwell, Brantley Gilbert, Sunny Ledfurd And Lenny Cooper Released

MudDiggerCoverWhat do you get when you mix up some of country music’s hottest new artists with the biggest and baddest of weekend crazes? MUD DIGGER! Now available on iTunes and Wal-Mart. Average Joes Entertainment recording artists Colt Ford, Brantley Gilbert, Matt Stillwell, Sunny Ledfurd,  and Lenny Cooper team up for a CD full of new and exclusive tracks that celebrate true country pastimes. You don’t need a big truck to dig these tracks but you do need a CD player. “Mud Digger” is a catchy tune, I love Colt Ford in this track and Lenny Cooper’s vocals are great.    Colt Ford might not have much of a singing voice according to him, but he definitely adds that special something to any song he is featured on.  Colt is featured throughout this CD on “Shindig” with The LACS, “If It Ain’t One Thing(It’s Your Mother)” with the very talented Lauren Briant(we will get back to this one in a moment), “Dirt Road Dancing” with Matt Stillwell as well as a couple of his own songs including “Dirt Road Anthem” with Brantley Gilbert and “Huntin’ The World“. Colt Ford is like the frosting on the cake..Enough said. “Kick it in the Sticks” which currently has over 1,200 downloads a week on ITunes and “G.R.I.T.S.” both by Brantley Gilbert are some fine examples of his work and belong on this CD.  “G.R.I.T.S.” off of Brantley’s debut album “Modern Day Prodigal Son” is one of his top selling singles and one of my favorite songs of his. Sunny Ledfurd is well represented in this offering also, with “Long Weekend” which has never been available on CD.  His other song is “Nothing in Particular” which in my opinion has to be his best song to date and definitely has some serious potential for plenty of radio plays. I’m just grateful I got the CD, so I can hear this song as many times as I want without having to wait for the radio stations to pick it up. Both of Matt Stillwells offerings are also prime examples of his work including “Shine” from his release “Shine Deluxe” and “Dirt Road Dancing” featuring who else Colt Ford. This new version currently is the #2 video on GAC’s The Top Picks Channel and the #8 most requested song on XM11. Now back to Lauren Briant.  For me Lauren is the Jewel of this collection of singers on this CD.  I absolutely love this girls voice.  The Track “If It Ain’t One Thing(It’s Your Mother)” a duet with Colt Ford is a fun and catchy song that really made me stand up and take notice of her voice.  This song has never been released anywhere and I am really glad it was released on this CD.  Lauren also has “Butterfly Tattoo” on this compilation and it really showcases her talents as one of the next great female country singers. I am looking forward to hearing a lot more from this young girl. I would definitely reccomend you pick up or download a copy today this CD is a great compilation of these fine artists and showcases in my opinion some of their best work to date. So bring your truck, swamp buggy, or four-wheeler, hit the mud and CRANK UP MUD DIGGER! It’s good clean mud music for the whole family! Mud Diggers Track Listing: 1.         Mud Digger – Colt Ford & Lenny Cooper 2.         Shindig – Colt Ford & The Lacs 3.         Kick In The Sticks – Brantley Gilbert 4.         Long Weekend – Sunny Ledfurd 5.         If It Ain’t One Thing (It’s Your Mother) – Colt Ford & Lauren Briant 6.         Dirt Road Anthem – Colt Ford & Brantley Gilbert 7.         Butterfly Tatoo – Lauren Briant 8.         Huntin’ The World – Colt Ford 9.         Nothing In Particular (Remix) – The Lacs & Sunny Ledfurd 10.      Dirt Road Dancing (Remix) – Colt Ford & Matt Stillwell 11.       G.R.I.T.S. – Brantley Gilbert 12.       Shine – Matt Stillwell

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2 Responses to “ Mud Digger Featuring Colt Ford, Matt Stillwell, Brantley Gilbert, Sunny Ledfurd And Lenny Cooper Released ”

  1. i love this album me and my boyfriend both our favorite is dirt road anthem we are southern city people and we just love riding down the dirt road and then we love mud boggin that our jam when we go muddin id mudd digger

  2. Me and my family are big rednecks and Colt Ford is one of our favorite singers<33

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