Lonestar New Single The Countdown

lonestar Hey folks, Lonestar is out with a new single tomorrow, “The Countdown“!  With chart toppers such as “No News,” “Come Crying To Me,” and “Amazed”, Lonestar has set a high standard within country music and have been lauded for their blend of country roots with strong melodies and rich vocals. With more than ten million albums sold, ten #1 country hits, hundreds of concerts, and twenty years of music under their belts, this forthcoming record, out on Lonestar’s own label 4 Star Records, may very well be their best yet. The first single, “The Countdown” will become available at digital retail on August 7th, 2012. “Twenty years ago, when I put this little band together to play in some bars and make a little money, I dreamed it pretty good but I never dreamed it quite this good,” explains keyboard player and songwriter Dean Sams. “I’m so excited to think about the songs that are going to come out of the next chapter of Lonestar,” adds drummer Keech Rainwater. “And I’m looking forward to another twenty years of great music.” Lonestar is set to release their new album this fall through The Orchard. Check their website for band updates.

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