John Oates Live At Show Case Live, Foxboro Mass

JohnOates 018 John Oates took to the stage last night at ShowCase live at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass and let loose with songs from past and present and sent the fans reeling for more.  Even with the constant badgering from a few fans to perform Hall and Oates numbers constantly, John proved to be the musical master and complete gentleman, ensuring all where satisfied and where not disappointed. The night started off with MUTLU Live at ShowCase Live Foxboro, Mass April 15,2011 singing a few of his songs and he really impressed the crowd with his booming sound and deep passionate vocals.  To look at him you would never think that the incredible voice you where hearing was coming from MUTLU. He finished his five song set with a tune he wrote with a friend when they while drinking, called “Board Games” hoping to have Justin Timberlake or P Diddy hear it and want to put there own spin on it and make MUTLU famous.  It is a very funny song and everyone really enjoyed it. John Oates came out and started off with ” Search in” which was OK but the vocals where over powered at times by the music.  Then he went on to sing a couple of songs from the ” Abandoned Luncheonette” album which was the second album for Hall and Oates.  John sang “Lady Rain” which had the fans starting to move and groove as he moved into “Had I Know You Better“. John was really getting into at this point, talking with the crowd and complimenting them on their picks of songs that they wanted him to sing.   Some he did, but he generally stayed with his new music keeping everyone happy and extremely impressed.   John told the crowd that it has been over 20 years since he was signed with a label, and since signing with Electra Records, his new album Mississippi Mile has sold more in one day than all his other three previous albums combined.  Awesome, great job.   He then went on to play “When The Morning Comes“, which he told the fans that for some unknown reason this song is incredibly huge in Hawaii, and while playing it he forgot a couple of the words and started to laugh but kept on playing like the professional he is and when he was finished he commented that he needs to remember the words to songs if he is going to sing them.  He Then let loose with “Dance Hall Girls” written by Fraser and Debolt, two great contemporary folk singers, the fans really liked this song.  Looking around the venue you could see them really listening and moving to the music, I could only look and smile, to see so many people appreciate the new work by John Oates was really a moving experience.  Knowing how important this album is to John (from my interview with John Oates) and knowing how nervous he was to have the fans embrace the traditional blues sound that he has great respect and admiration for. John then went on to tell the crowd how he went to Nashville to write a country song with a group called Little Texas, that unfortunately broke up at the same time John went to Nashville, so Daryl Hall and John Oates recorded it and it went on to become the biggest wedding song of the time. John talked about one of the great influences on his career, Doc Watson, and really could not understand why he did not include this song “Sitting On Top of The World“, John was right, it should have been on the album, the crowd really liked the song and his version of it. John set the path for the evening, by telling a story with all the music from his days with Daryl Hall up to today with the his new music. It was an incredible journey. What you don’t get to see or hear on the album is how incredibly talented John is with the guitar. John is a blues man, from deep down in his soul, you can hear and see it when he lets loose on the guitar, be it electric or acoustic. John Oates is a true blues man of epic proportions and its no wonder why he has remained an icon in the music business. From Pop, R& B to Delta Blues and Folk music. John is a true legend who’s love of the Delta Blues is showing through and his fans are starting to get a greater picture of the man, that is John Oates, the Blues Man. Other Great country shows coming to the Showcase Live in Foxboro, Ma: Randy Houser with Zach Lockwood – Thursday, May 26, 2011 Justin Moore – Thursday, June 02, 2011 Easton Corbin – Sunday, July 10, 2011 Josh Thompson – Thursday, July 21, 2011 The Showcase live is a nice intimate place to catch a show and get up close and enjoy your favorite artists.  For concert information and ticket sales check out

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