Paisley performing in 2006.

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So as i sit here listening to Brad Paisley‘s new album “Play” for the 5th time, i am in awe at what he has put together as far as the instrumentals and the tremendous talent he has put on this CD. He enlisted his old friend, Buck Owens, who has played everthing from “Rock and Roll, Blue Grass, Country, Soul etc… for a Bakersfield-style country rocker recorded shortly before Owens’ death in 2007. This cd is phenomenal. Owens isn’t the only guest. On the humorous “Start A Band,” one of the few tunes with lyrics, Paisley and Urban trade guitar licks while celebrating the rites of passage found when a young musician forms his first group. Actor Andy Griffith shows up in a re-recording of Paisley’s hit, “Waitin’ On A Woman,” reprising a role he played in the song’s video. And on “Cluster Pluck,” Paisley gathers seven ace guitarists, including Vince Gill and Steve Wariner, for a course in country guitar styles. B.B. King also makes an appearance. Brad Paisley surely took a chance and tried swinging for the wall with this one, and he has clearly hit it out of the park, the city, heck even the planet. It’s like Brad had lost his mind and forgot he was a country singer and musician and started playing Rock and Roll with Blues added in as an extra spice. The licks are wonderful the sound foot tapping and overall just a really great put together album.

Brad Paisley

“Play” – Track Listing 1. Huckleberry Jam 2. Turf’s Up 3. Start A Band (Featuring Keith Urban) 4. Kim 5. Departure 6. Come On In (Featuring Buck Owens) 7. Playing With Fire 8. Kentucky Jelly 9. More Than Just This Song (Featuring Steve Wariner) 10. Les Is More 11. Pre-Cluster Cluster Pluck Prequel 12. Cluster Pluck 13. Cliffs Of Rock City 14. Let The Good Times Roll (Featuring B.B. King) 15. What A Friend We Have In Jesus 16. Waitin’ On A Women (Featuring Andy Griffith) 6
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