Flynnville Train Has Left The Station With Redemption

FLYNNVILLE TRAINThose of you that say you are true blue country fans need to be on FLYNNVILLE TRAIN’S party car,  because these boys are as legitimate as they come.  Their new album “REDEMPTION”  is set for release on July 20th.   So take my advice and get on the party train and enjoy their climb to the top with their new single off  the Redemption album, “Preachin To The Choir”  which talks about saying and feeling things that others feel, see and think.  This song talks about today, war, God and country.  It is as true as any song has been or ever could be.  “Preachin To The Choir” comes out at a time when this country is down but not out.  These guys really take you deep into what they are feeling with this song. If it doesn’t hit home with anyone that listens to it, well frankly they are not paying too much attention to what the song means. This album has so many songs that will climb the charts.  The song “Home” starts the album off with some great music as the opener. The down home rocking, southern style of this CD is pure country music.  The sound of lead singer Brian Flynn could be in any band of any style,  But his southern rock style is true to his roots in  Middletown, Indiana.  A small town, middle of nowhere part of the country with a big heart and their music is no exception.   This gritty, rocking pick you up and slam you down style of music is as down home as it gets.  There is so many influences that have crept into their souls and it shows in the album.  From Jimmy Hendrix to Willie and Waylon. “Friends of Sinners“, is deep and dark  at times.  Some times, well really through the whole song, it makes you think about your life and things that you have done or what you would or should have done at certain times in your life.  We all ask for forgiveness at times and this song is no exception.   This song should be the next single.  It is truly a deep feeling and honest song. How do you describe what this band has, deep down home, blue grass style, devoted to the working man and blue collar workers.  Flynnville Train is an exceptional band.  So exceptional that they could pull off recording one of country rocks greatest songs by one of the greatest bands of the 70’s, “Sandman” by America. What an incredible way to salute a great band.  Brian Flynn really lets it all hang out on this song, and the similarity between Brian Flynn and Dewey Bunnell are pretty scary at times, but makes the song really great.  America fans will appreciate this version. FLYNNVILLE TRAIN is coming like a runaway locomotive.  And those of you who stand at the station and don’t board the train when it comes will be left behind choking on the smoke from the Steam Engine pulling this band to stardom. Track Listing for Redemption: Sandman Redemption 33 Steps Home Preachin’ To The Choir On Our Way Tip a Can Turn Left Alright Friend of Sinners Scratch Me Where I’m Itchin’ The One You Love

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2 Responses to “ Flynnville Train Has Left The Station With Redemption ”

  1. have you listened to Preaching to the choir? It is a bunch of guys whining about our country
    and “where it’s headed”. It expresses doom and fear while my loved ones are overseas risking their lives for YOU and me and ALL Americans
    alike. The message SHOULD be HOPE.
    Flynnville Train may have left the station, but it’s a train bound for nowhere.

  2. I agree with Chris!!! my sister wasted 12 bucks on their cd at a show in Ohio this summer. this reviewer was obviously either paid off or high on fumes when he wrote this.

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