8_w300_h265_s1_PT0_PR15_PB0_PL0_PCffffff NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 20, 2011)— David Adam Byrnes (Better Angels Music) braved traffic and an early alarm clock to sit in and visit with Bill Cody at the WSM-AM Studio yesterday morning for “Coffee, Country & Cody.” Armed with ham biscuits and hashbrown casserole for Cody and co-anchor Charlie Mattos, Byrnes performed two songs on the show, his first single, “Sweet Distraction” and “More Afraid of Living.” “She Only Wanted Flowers,” the current single, was played as a cut from the album; Bill Cody watched the recently completed video during the show. (The corresponding video appears on television stations nationwide.) David Adam joined the pair in the eight o’clock hour live and in-person. A major topic of discussion was the traffic jam on Interstate 24, thankfully not on Byrnes’ route to Opryland Hotel. Also, Mattos and Byrnes joined together to “call the hogs,” the traditional Arkansas football chant. “From vinyl to iTunes, WSM-AM is THE heart and soul of country music in Music City,” said Byrnes. “I am honored to have received the invitation from Bill Cody, one of the biggest voices in traditional country radio. Cody’s audience is my people.” As the flagship country artist for Better Angels Music, David Adam Byrnes’ fantastic debut album celebrated release last month. Entitled PREMIUM COUNTRY, the 14-track album (produced by Rob Rappaport) includes the flirtatious first single “Sweet Distraction” (Josh Thompson/Andi Zack), which was released in late 2010, and current single “She Only Wanted Flowers” (David Adam Byrnes/Jay Brunswick/Adam Fears) on radio now. The project features ten “DAB” co-writes. “Sweet Distraction” ranked as the highest charting debut indie single of 2010 (Country Breakout Chart) David Adam continues his momentum through 2011.

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