725_Cottonwood_new_photo_001Cottonwood is one of the most praised and accomplished bands coming out of the Western Massachusetts area. The bands goal is to have fun while doing something they love, playing music and watching the smiles that are created through the music. Cottonwood’s fans have always been supportive, and have gone above and beyond any expectations the band could have had. Cottonwood truly cares for each and everyone who comes to see them and if you ask any of the members they will tell you themselves, “The fans are the reason we have been around for 17 years and as long as they are here and everyone is having fun, we’ll keep playing”. Cottonwood Show1992 was the year it all began. From a small four piece group, it took time to grow into what we all know today as “Cottonwood”. Through the last seventeen years Cottonwood has performed from New England to Nashville and has shared the stage with “Numerous Nashville Folks” from the great Willie Nelson to Toby, Travis, LBT, Trisha, Big & Rich, Blackhawk and so many many more. Accomplishments have been many but the band has always focused on the fans more than the hype, never letting go of the what matters most.

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