Colt Ford – Declaration of Independence Pure Funtry

661869002392Declaration of Independence Colt ford’s new albu4-5BOOTSm, is a great release for his creative take on country music. This UN-traditional country music star has his own way of doing things and doing them well. Colt has sold over 900 thousand albums and over 3 million digital singles and unfortunately will still not get the airtime on national country radio that he deserves.  I personally became a fan after I heard “Dirt Road Anthem” for the first time and still prefer his and Brantley Gilberts version over Jason Aldean’s. The first single from the album “Back” featuring Jake Owen has already sold over 30,000 digital downloads in the 3 short weeks since it’s release. “Declaration of Independence“, Colt’s fourth studio album is his best effort to date. Colt has some great help on this album from country stars Jason Aldean, Jake Owen, Kix Brooks, Montgomery Gentry, Darius Rucker just to name a few.  The first track on the album “Answer to No One” is probably the most fitting description of Colt Ford and his Country Music Style and defines the attitude of a man that started his own label to get his music and vision out there. I love “Driving Around Song” featuring Jason Aldean, it’s a great song where Jason and Colt really mix together well and I like the Auto-Tune touch in the song. “All In” with Kix Brooks makes me want to go out and find the closest Honky Tonk and kick my feet up and have a great time. “Happy in Hell” featuring Wayna Morris of Boyz II Men is the epitime of what Colt Ford is trying to accomplish with his music style.  I love the pairing of these two in this song and it has a great sound.  There is a lot to like on “Declaration of Independence and I think Colt has a definite winner here. How’s this how about we don’t pigeon hole Colt Ford into a specific genre, maybe we should just enjoy his individual spirit and his great talent and I deem that if we must put him into a specific genre then I propose we create a new one and call it “Funtry” TRACK LISTING: 1. Answer to No One (feat. JJ Lawhorn) 2. Drivin’ Around Song (feat. Jason Aldean) 3. All In (feat. Kix Brooks) 4. Ain’t Out of the Woods Yet (feat. Montgomery Gentry) 5. Lucky (feat. Jonathan Singleton) 6. Back (with Jake Owen) 7. Dancin’ While Intoxicated (DWI) [feat. LoCash Cowboys & Redneck Social Club] 8. It’s All (feat. Jeffrey Steele) 9. Hugh Damn Right (feat. Laura Bell Bundy) 10. Room At the Bar (feat. Corey Smith) 11. All of My Tomorrows (feat. Russell Dickerson) 12. Happy in Hell (feat. Wanya Morris) 13. 50/50 14. Way Too Early (feat. Darius Rucker) 15. Angels & Demons (feat. Lamar Williams Jr.)

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